Potrero Medical Names Vanessa Moll, MD, PhD, FCCM, FASA as Chief Medical Officer

HAYWARD, Calif., October 05, 2021 – Potrero Medical, innovator of the Accuryn Monitoring System, a sensory integrated foley catheter that provides real-time, actionable information to health care providers so they can take steps to prevent critical conditions such as acute kidney injury (AKI), announced that Vanessa Moll, MD, PhD, FCCM, FASA has joined the executive leadership team as its Chief Medical Officer (CMO). Dr. Moll brings 20 years of clinical and research experience to the company. She is a board-certified anesthesiologist and intensivist and has worked both in the US and European healthcare systems. She has numerous publications in the field of critical care and anesthesiology and lectures nationally and internationally. Dr. Moll is passionate about building capacity in anesthesiology and critical care and elevating patient care and outcomes globally. 

Dr. Moll was an early adopter of the Accuryn SmartFoley™ Monitoring System, recognizing the benefit that high-fidelity urine output (UO) and intra-abdominal pressure (IAP) monitoring has on patient outcomes and quality of life.  In a pilot study of 30 adult patients undergoing cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass, she found that over half of the patients had elevated intra-abdominal pressures for more than 6 hours and that there was an association between high intra-abdominal pressures and acute kidney injury (AKI). 

“The Accuryn SmartFoley™ Monitoring System digitalizes the kidney and makes continuous intra-abdominal pressure monitoring possible with a push of a button. Knowing where the kidney stands at any minute and being able to optimize treatment accordingly has a huge impact on patient outcomes. This technology has great potential and will advance patient care not only in various ICUs, including tele-ICU, but also the operating room, emergency department, and home health. I am excited to join an innovative team; together we will improve patient care and outcomes for many,” shared Dr. Moll. 

“Through her publications and lectures, Dr. Moll has made a significant contribution to the scientific advancement of Medicine,” said Joe Urban, CEO of Potrero Medical. “Her research at Emory University using the Accuryn Monitor highlights the high occurrence of elevated IAP and AKI following cardiac surgery and illustrates the connection between IAP and organ dysfunction. I couldn’t be more excited to have Dr. Moll join the Potrero team and to share with the clinical community how the critical data from the Accuryn Monitoring System and future predictive analytics models will enable clinicians to identify critical illnesses earlier than they can today.”

About Potrero Medical
Potrero Medical, Inc. is a predictive health company transforming patient care through precision fluid management and predictive analytics for early detection of critical illnesses. Potrero Medical was founded with a mission to improve patient care with the latest advances in artificial intelligence and sensors. Potrero Medical is headquartered in Hayward, CA. For more information, visit www.accuryn.com.

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