Predictive Health Company Wins SXSW Pitch Competition

AUSTIN, TX. March 9, 2018 – Potrero Medical, Inc., a predictive health company that is developing the next generation of smart sensors and artificial intelligence, was selected as the winner of the 2018 SXSW Release It Pitch Event.

The event selected ten startups from multiple industries to pitch their product to a panel of technology experts and venture capitalists. The panel picks the product most likely to succeed in the market.  

The winning product, Potrero Medical’s Accuryn®, combines a smart sensor with a urinary catheter that continuously tracks multiple vital signs via the bladder. This is part of Potrero’s larger goal of developing Predictive Health technologies for early detection of critical illnesses.

Studies have shown urine output (the performance of the kidney) is a vital indicator of overall health. Up to 50% of patients in the Intensive Care Unit suffer from Acute Kidney Injury and over 285,000 patients die from renal failure every year. For perspective, that’s more deaths than breast and prostate cancer combined.1, 2

“This technology has the potential to open new opportunities for earlier diagnosis, strategic interventions, injury prevention, and better overall patient care” shared esteemed critical care specialist Dr. Gregory Shears, MD.

Predictive Health has become a field that is igniting an evolution of healthcare. Potrero Medical spearheads the category by developing algorithms to help doctors and nurses manage patients by risk and empowers decision making.

The Predictive Health Institute of Emory University and Georgia Tech states that the category looks to cause a fundamental shift from “medically-oriented disease care to a proactive system focused on health and wellness. [This] approach aims to move the medical system from the traditional focus on diagnosing and treating disease to a focus on recognizing, maintaining and sustainably optimizing health.”3

This new proactive system will alter the paradigm for health in the United States and globally by altering the deployment of resources away from a reactive disease approach and towards a proactive health approach.

“In critically ill patients, minutes matter, but hours shift paradigms. The goal of Predictive Health is to give hours instead of minutes back to doctors and to proactively manage critically ill patients. This can be accomplished by integrating technologies such as artificial intelligence with medical devices” explained Potrero Medical’s CEO Joe Urban.

Potrero Medical’s first focus is the kidney, where their team is actively analyzing vast data sets and developing an artificial intelligence platform to identify trends for forecasting a patient’s future state.


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The Accuryn Monitoring System – Intended Use

The Accuryn Monitoring System is intended for use in the drainage and/or collection of urine, and in the monitoring of urine output and core body temperature, in degrees Fahrenheit and degrees Celsius. The Accuryn Monitoring System is also intended for use in the monitoring of intra-abdominal pressure. The measured pressures can be used as an aid in the diagnosis of intra-abdominal hypertension (IAH) and the associated clinical syndrome of abdominal compartment syndrome (ACS). The Accuryn Sensing Urinary Catheter is a single use device intended for short-term use (less than 30 days).

About Potrero Medical, Inc.

Potrero Medical, Inc., the latest spinout of medical device incubator Theranova, LLC, is headquartered in San Francisco, CA and was founded with a mission to improve outcomes, reduce costs, and expand access to healthcare.  Potrero Medical’s goal is to enhance human care with machine insights.

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